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Recently I finished reading A History of Swan’s Island, Maine by H.W. Small, M.D., which was published in 1898 and is full of incredibly interesting historical detail, giving a kind of ground to the ground that I’m living on.  Here are some of my favorite bits. About the original Native-American inhabitants: At that part of […]



(All photos taken using a Nikon D70 with 50mm 1.8 lens.)

Distance traveled: 671 miles (1,080 kilometers) Route: From Bradford, north on Highway 219, then east on Interstate 86 until Binghamton, then switch to I-88 and transfer to 90, eastbound, at Schenectady.    Over on Interstate 90 until it crosses I-495, then north on I-495 until I-95, then north on I-95 until Portland, Maine. At Portland, take […]

Distance traveled: 230 miles (370 kilometers) Route: From Peninsula, Highway 8 to Interstate 271, then 271 to I-90, I-90 to I-86, 86 through New York until it meets Highway 219, and then south to Bradford. I left Peninsula later than I expected, which isn’t really surprising since there was good conversation with old friends, as […]

Since I didn’t have time to take any photos on my way through Indiana, I thought I’d upload a few shots that I took while I was visiting Terra Haute for a conference several years ago.  Obviously these shots were taken in winter, rather than the green spring when I was there most recently, but […]

Distance traveled: 700 miles (1,126 kilometers) Route: I-44 from Rolla to St. Louis, then I-70 to Columbus and north on I-71 to 271 until the turnoff for Highway 303 toward Peninsula. Except for a brief, and partly unintentional, stop in St. Louis to take a look at the St. Louis Arch in the morning light, […]

Although I visited the Ozarks with my parents when I was 15, I don’t remember very much about that part of the trip, except that the Volvo overheated and we had to wait by the side of the road for the engine temperature to drop down before we could proceed.  In any case, neither Elbie […]