NISEUO cosmic-chang mothership progress


I went to see several NISEUO concerts before I left Japan.  Not only are the members of NISEUO some of the first people I became friends with who were involved with the Osaka underground music scene, but their shows are always incredible events, a quick drop into a densely offbeat avant-punk jazz surreality.  The latest iteration of their show includes the Harry James ghost dance, a haunted teakettle, a giant exploding balloon full of money, and of course the spectacular theatrics of Matsumoto-san, circus master and bandleader.  The NISEUO website seems to currently be offline, but if you see their names pop up at Bears, Hard Rain, Shangrila, or Urban Guild (in Kyoto) I highly recommend a visit.  You can find more information on this Be Gone Dull Care page, which includes a link to a Japanese site where you can buy their first album.  I shot some of the photos which appear in the album (you can see some images from the shoot here) and my voice makes a cameo as well.

Niseuo, Richy Pompous, Menkerou Manji

Niseuo, Haizara, Naazi

Niseuo and Four Flea Circus


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