The music of Tayutau (たゆたう) is pure enchantment — lilting vocal harmonies, the most delicate of found sounds, the crystalline music of the spheres, the heartbreaking ululations of vocal duets that are absolutely familiar and alien at the same time.  It’s the sound that a coral reef might sing at night, or the song that a moss forest sings when it begins to rain.  The source of these beautiful sounds are the casual orchestrations of Akiko Igaki on violin, found percussion, and vocals,  and Hiroko Nishimoto on guitar and vocals.  There’s something almost effortless in the way they play music together, as if they were just walking down the street, accidentally plucking sounds and melodies out of thin air to create harmonics that are so delicately blended they almost run the risk of floating away.  All of this can be found on their first album, ichinichi no nagasa o hanauta de kimaru (いちにちのながさを、はなうたできめる), which I think can be translated as “We decided to hum for a day.”  It’s an album I’ve listened to over and over, charmed as it is with dreamy richness, but if you want the full effect, then seeing Tayutau play live is a must.  It might even be possible to forget about gravity.


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