visual spectrum: Nipponflex TLR


Sometime in 1990 or 1991 my friend Jason Love loaned me his Nipponflex TLR camera, a Japanese knockoff of the famous Rolleiflex TLR.  I shot two or three rolls of film on this camera (all Kodak) and developed them in Jason’s backyard darkroom, which is still the most sophisticated household darkroom that I’ve run across.  I wasn’t very good at spooling the film onto the developing reel and I ended up destroying a fair portion of the film that I shot, but luckily some of it survived.  These shots are just about all that remain of my two months or so with the Nipponflex, a camera that’s so rare that it barely even shows up on internet searches.  Should you ever have the good fortune to stumble across one, I recommend loading it up with film and taking it for a spin.

(All scans are of black and white negatives scanned in color mode.)


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