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The first time I ever saw lightning bolts striking the ground was when I was a kid, visiting my grandparents in Maine.  California (at the least the area where I grew up) rarely gets lightning storms that even begin to approach the magnitude of the lightning storms in Maine and Japan, so lightning storms are […]

in Hopland


I’m staying at a friend’s mountain home in Hopland for a few months while I get some writing done before my move back to Osaka in April.  I’ve been visiting this spot since I was a kid, coming up here for Easter egg hunts, and also for Passover celebrations.  The property is one of several […]

At some point in the early 90s I saw a great jazz set by the Russian Dragons, a unit led by pianist Art Lande.  The group gets their name by way of a bad pun — a combination of the words rushin’ and draggin’ — that emphasizes the extreme and sudden shifts in tempo that […]