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After a year in the States I’m moving back to my old neighborhood in Osaka.  Right now all of my possessions are in a jaunty orange container on a cargo ship, steaming across the ocean until they reach the other shore where they’ll be unloaded right into my apartment.  At some point, if I look […]

Since almost everyone already knows about the Holga — a medium-format camera that was first produced in Hong Kong in 1982 as an inexpensive camera for aspiring art photographers — I won’t write much except to say that the Holga is nothing less than a miniature dream factory.  All the wise kids may be shooting […]

I’ve been running across all kinds of symbolically rich sets of slippers lately, catching them out of the corner of my eye and registering them as events, perhaps in the manner of that ultimate “slipping glimpser,” Willem de Kooning. In Oakland I ran across a pair of golden slippers, sitting quietly and neatly in the […]

When you get off of the ferry that takes you from Bass Harbor to Swan’s Island one of the first things you’ll notice are signs in the road pointing the direction to Iver’s Studio, a beautiful wood-shingled studio tucked up in the pines and moss and built by Iver himself.  Iver Lofving is an artist […]