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Many of my favorite photographs are the result of accidental openings of the shutter, miscued snappings, bizarrely disfigured exposure times, and unexpected slips in the winding mechanism.  My back catalog is full of mistakes like these, which were especially rampant when my primary camera was a LOMO LC-A.  These photographs are like dreams that have […]

Tired out from too many conferences, too much teaching, too much research and too much writing, clearly the only thing to do is come home, change  out of the work clothes, and spend some time relaxing to the sound of Lullatone’s special brand of pajama pop. bedroom bossa band from Lullatone on Vimeo.

Rose Hill “How do dead people pee?” asks Meri, tapping the car window, her face a scrambled word search. We are driving past Rose Hill cemetery. I look in the rear-view mirror. Meri’s question is serious, no joke. But I wonder if it’s healthy for a kid four years old to think about dead people. […]

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to live on Swan’s Island for six months while working on my writing.  During that time I met a tremendous amount of wonderful people, including several artists and writers.  Gary Rainford lives on the island full time and — when he’s not cooking up lobster to […]