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Somewhat ironically, the majority of the film I managed to salvage from my 2009 trip to South Korea wasn’t even shot in Korea.  Because I managed to leave my entire bag of exposed film behind on the ferry ride from Busan to Osaka, the only film that I was able to develop was the film […]

I spent several days in Seoul, but managed not to see any of the major sites — not the Namdaemun, not  the Gyeongbok-gung or Changdeok-gung palaces, not N Seoul Tower, and not even Lotte World.  So what did I do while I was there?  If I wasn’t busy getting my nose pulled off by Champ, […]

In a couple of days I’ll be off to Taiwan for a week, my first trip outside of the US and Japan since I visited South Korea in 2009.  Since I never really had a chance to post about my trip to Korea, now seems like the perfect time. To get to Korea, I took […]

Winter has hit Osaka with flurries of small snow storms and frost on the neighborhood roofs in the morning.  Because Japanese houses are famously cold in the winter — a phenomenon that’s been extensively commented on by people a lot more clever than myself — all kinds of strategies have been developed to keep warm, […]

I’ve been to see the Yodogawa Hanabi fireworks festival several times.  It’s glorious and amazing and definitely the singular largest annual display of fireworks that I’ve ever seen.  They launch something like 20,000 fireworks at Yodogawa Hanabi and hundreds of thousands of people come to watch.  It may not be as large as Osaka’s famous […]