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Sometime just before I graduated from university in 1993, I completely lost the desire to shoot film.  For several years before I made the decision to give up on photography I had been studiously learning how to develop my own film and make black and white prints.  I would sometimes spend the entire day in […]

I don’t know much about Jake Fried, but his meticulously detailed animations of anarchic fever dreams, which lie somewhere on the border between the mystical aesthetics of an as yet undiscovered ancient civilization and the peyote-powered bubblegum drippings of a Brooklyn subway lunatic, are deliriously compelling. His animation reminds me of the artwork of that […]

A month or so ago, just when it was starting to become truly cold in Osaka, I happened to discover a snake lying on the side of a concrete walking path that runs along the Senri River, which is only a ten-minute walk from my house.  Though I’ve been living in Japan for over six […]