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the blood tree


The cherry trees in the Osaka area are just starting to blossom, but there’s one tree on the Osaka University campus that’s already in full bloom.  In fact, the other day when it was a bit warm the flower petals were already starting to fall from the tree, forming drifting flower flurries in the air.  […]

The plum blossoms are at full strength, the white magnolia in my backyard is covered with so many blossoms that it looks like a performing waiter balancing a thousand ceramic cups on a thousand arms like some kind of woodland Shiva, and the songbirds have returned to scope out all the good early nesting opportunities.  […]

The LA Weekly blog is currently features a great story about poet and songwriter Chris Stroffolino, who is currently playing music in LA out of his van.  The article, by John Payne, discusses how the fortuitous meeting of Jeff Feuerzeig (director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston) resulted in Chris’s upcoming album on BMI, called […]

Two years after the earthquake and tsunami devastated the northern regions of Honshu, it’s important to remember that in addition to the 19,000 people who died from the earthquake or are still missing, the people who are suffering the most now are the 315,000 evacuees who are still without permanent homes.  The residents of the […]

Approximately 467 million eons after the Hipstamatic trend peaked and then was buried deep under the ground to be forgotten forever, like those E.T. video games for the Atari 2600 that were buried by the millions in an Alamogordo landfill, I have suddenly gone all Hipstamatic.  I’ve been waiting forever for Apple to fit a […]