hipstomatism (is the diagnosis)


Approximately 467 million eons after the Hipstamatic trend peaked and then was buried deep under the ground to be forgotten forever, like those E.T. video games for the Atari 2600 that were buried by the millions in an Alamogordo landfill, I have suddenly gone all Hipstamatic.  I’ve been waiting forever for Apple to fit a decent camera to their iPods instead of supplying substandard fare, and with the iPod 5 they finally have.  While I have zero intention to stop shooting with my film gear, the iPod is handy because I can use it to take shots that I wouldn’t normally want to waste film on, it’s pretty decent in low-light conditions, it’s great for party snaps, and most importantly it’s something I always carry with me.  Some shots that I’ve missed within the last year because I didn’t happen to have a camera with me?  Children bouncing around in a giant inflatable rabbit head.  A cloud in the shape of a dragon.  Pika of Afrirampo fame playing a live show as part of a community festival.  A magician on stilts wearing enormous rabbit ears.  A nice fellow wearing a rubber horse head while handing out tissue packets.  A couple of singers on a bridge performing Peanuts covers.

Always, always carry a camera.


4 Responses to “hipstomatism (is the diagnosis)”

  1. 1 Glen DeVore

    From Cousin Glen in that Paris of the Prairies, St. Paul MN: and WHO are these musicians? (clarinet, electric guitar, tenor sax)? Inquiring minds need to know. By the way, be grateful you are not subject to blizzards.

    • 2 Trane DeVore

      Sorry to take ten million years to get back to you, Glen. These musicians are a band called Denki Gypsy, which translates as “Electric Gypsy” in English. They play a mix of klezmer, jazz, rock, and Baltic-style music (plus other influences). They are eclectic and hectic. Seto-san, the clarinet player is in several groups, including a fantastic klezmer unit called Freylech Jamboree. Here’s their myspace page:


      Please enjoy this crazily awesome Denki Gypsy video when you get a chance!

  2. Coming back to our earlier discussion, I have been using my iPhone to take food pictures more often – the kind of pictures I had been taking less of with film. Facebook offers some pretty interesting filters directly now, perhaps part of the instagram buyout.

    • 4 Trane DeVore

      I’ve also been taking a ton of iPod shots of food, accidentally sartorial moments of commercial culture, etc. and definitely getting a lot of good that I wouldn’t have otherwise. On the other hand, when I see my iPod shots big — especially if it’s a shot I really like — I keep finding that I wish I had taken it on film after all. I guess the grass is always greener (especially if you’re using Fuji).

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