Chris Stroffolino and the The Piano Van Sessions


The LA Weekly blog is currently features a great story about poet and songwriter Chris Stroffolino, who is currently playing music in LA out of his van.  The article, by John Payne, discusses how the fortuitous meeting of Jeff Feuerzeig (director of The Devil and Daniel Johnston) resulted in Chris’s upcoming album on BMI, called The Piano Van Sessions.  The Poetry Foundation’s blog, Harriet, also has a great feature on Chris that talks more about his poetry, including his fantastic collection, Speculative Primitive.  I had the pleasure of reading with Chris a few times when we both still lived in the SF Bay Area, and the even greater pleasure of being able to see him play music with Continuous Peasant, the band he was leading at the time.  Exile in Babyville and Intentional Grounding are both amazing albums, and I recommend getting your hands on them while there’s still a chance.  Chris is a great guy and deserves all the success he can get, so here’s wishing him the mostest for The Piano Van Sessions.


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