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The latest issue of BOOG City is all about Oakland and features a piece I wrote that’s made up of bits of diary entries written between 2002 and 2004 when I lived there, as well as a page or so of photographs taken by me when my primary cameras were a LOMO LC-A and a […]

Emperor Akihito paid a visit to the Osaka University campus today, the first time in history that a Japanese Emperor has ever visited Osaka University.  I’m not 100% sure what the reason for the visit was, but apparently it involved a talk given by the Emperor concerning his scholarly interests, which may or may not […]

Since I first met Takei Ai (武井亜依) I’ve been to four exhibitions of her ceramics work, including a student exhibition at Kyoto Zokei Geijutsu Daigaku, her first solo exhibition at the AD&A Gallery, a solo exhibition in the town of Shigaraki, and most recently a group exhibition that she participated in at the Takashimaya department […]



Shigaraki, a small town in Shiga Prefecture, is synonymous in Japan with two things: Shigaraki ware (信楽焼) and ceramic tanuki figurines.  The clay used to make Shigaraki ware comes from Lake Biwa, and at least one friend of mine has suggested that because of the overpopularity of tanuki figurines, authentic Shigaraki-style clay is starting to […]

Osaka’s Project Obachaaan strikes again.