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About a decade ago, I bought my first turntable.  My family had always had a turntable — part of an incredibly cheap all-in-one audio system — but I was born at exactly that moment in time when it seemed to make sense to put your money into CDs and cassettes because vinyl was clearly going […]

I love the English that ends up on t-shirts in Japan, though for a long time I’ve stopped keeping my eye out for it because English-language t-shirts are so ubiquitous that trying to remember to actually read them is a bit like trying to remember to taste the air when you breathe.  Recently I’ve been […]

When I got back into photography in the late 90s, the first two cameras that I purchased were a LOMO LC-A and a Voigtländer Bessa-L fitted with a 25mm Color-Skopar lens.  The Voigtländer range, sometimes referred to as “the poor man’s Leica,” is made in Japan by Cosina, despite the German-sounding name.  In fact, the […]



July 7th is Tanabata (七夕) in Japan.  Tanabata celebrates the annual meeting of the celestial lovers Orihime (the star Vega) and Hikoboshi (Altair), who are only allowed to meet once a year.  Here’s their story, as told by that never-exhausted fount of knowledge, Wikipedia: Orihime (織姫 Weaving Princess), daughter of the Tentei (天帝 Sky King, […]

The Nose Kaido (能勢街道) is an ancient road that runs from the north part of the city of Osaka, through Toyonaka and Ikeda, and finally up into the Nose area in the far north of Osaka Prefecture.  “Nose” is pronounced like “no say” — not like that large thing that protrudes from your face.  The […]

On Saturday I went to Kobe to see my friend Ida Masashi (井田 将史) who was participating in volume 12 of the Hinatamizu Ambience (ひなたみずアンビエンス) series of collaborative performances at space eauuu (スペース・オー), a fantastic art and music space.  This particular collaboration involved a series of performances of electro-acoustic ambient music accompanied by the gradual […]