live painting at space eauuu


On Saturday I went to Kobe to see my friend Ida Masashi (井田 将史) who was participating in volume 12 of the Hinatamizu Ambience (ひなたみずアンビエンス) series of collaborative performances at space eauuu (スペース・オー), a fantastic art and music space.  This particular collaboration involved a series of performances of electro-acoustic ambient music accompanied by the gradual appearance of a mountainous pink and yellow watercolor dreamscape that Ida-kun spent the day painting in the background.  As the event website says, it was “the event which makes space with music and a picture and wraps in a spectator.”

Guest musicians included km, Mitsuyoshi Matsuda, Ibuki Yushi, and ci mo sa (the source of the video below).  Apparently one of the members of ci mo sa is also in Hosome, one of my favorite twitch rock bands from Osaka.

I met Ida-kun years ago when he was still a student at the art and design school that he attended, so I wasn’t surprised to find out that a large part of the audience consisted of artists and designers that he had gone to school with, including Yuji Hikono, one of the masterminds behind Uramabuta design studio.

The afterparty was held at a Chinese restaurant with streetside seating and I decided to see how the iPod’s panorama function would hold together in the dim light: pretty well with just enough distortion to make everything seem like the kind of dream that I imagine David Cronenberg has.  Click on the photos below for a full-sized taste of the lovely distortion effects at work.


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