visual spectrum: LOMO Fisheye 2


Recently Deep Kyoto published a preview of the new Ricoh Theta camera, an amazing device that features the ability to take 360 degree panorama photographs in a single shot.  The results are jaw dropping.  Not only can you can move around just about anywhere in the panorama, you can also ‘flip’ the perspective from which you’re looking at the panorama.  The camera itself does a remarkable job of eliding itself from the scene.  You really owe it to yourself to check the link out.

Looking at the results coming out of the Ricoh Theta immediately made me want one.  But then I started thinking about the LOMO Fisheye 2 that I bought several years ago.  I shot a few rolls of film with it, loved them, and then shot a few more and wasn’t quite as excited about them.  The novelty of the fisheye effect had worn off and it seemed that as much fun as I was having with the LOMO Fisheye 2, I still preferred the other film cameras that I use on a regular basis.  I haven’t picked up the Fisheye 2 in years now, and I’m worried that if I bought a Ricoh Theta the same thing might happen.

Still, going through all the photos I’ve taken with the Fisheye 2 has reminded me of what attracted me to the camera in the first place.  Maybe it’s time to load it up with another roll and see where it all leads.


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