my doppelgänger, Takanori Jinnai


imgd1d4e030zikbzjDo I have a Japanese doppelgänger?  I don’t think so, really — but the other day when I was visiting an antique store in Kobe with my friend Miyuki, one of the customers said that I look like Takanori Jinnai (陣内孝則).  I’m pretty convinced that it’s just the dark plastic eyeglass frames that both of us seem to adore that led to the comparison, but I’ll take it.  I’ve been compared to this guy as well (“Can you hear me now?”) — which led to the easiest Halloween costume I have ever put together — but I’m pretty sure it was mostly just the glasses at work again.

Takanori Jinnai became famous in the 70s as the vocalist for The Rockers (ザ・ロッカーズ), a Fukuoka-based punk band that seems to have had a kind of Ramones-meets-rockabilly sensibility.  They recorded three albums in the early 80s, and in 2003 Jinnai directed Rockers, a full-length comedy based on the band’s career.

I like Jinnai’s early hard style a lot (and that undeniable red suit), but sadly I don’t think I’ve ever been that cool, or that thin.  Instead, I think I’ve always been much more like the Jinnai on the top of the page — nerdy, and into cameras.


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