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A new poem of mine is circulating in the latest issue of the online poetry journal, Truck. Edited by Jane Joritz-Nakagawa, the collection — titled The World is Not Enough —  features work by Jelena ANDJELOVSKI, Maxine CHERNOFF, Yoko DANNO, Anne ELVEY, Marcus GRANDON, Natsuko HIRATA, Cynthia HOGUE, Kiyoko OGAWA, Steven SEIDENBERG, Jeffrey SIDE, Hideko SUEOKA, Susan Laura SULLIVAN, Cyril WONG and Mark YOUNG. It’s a bit like reading a long scroll full of fragmentary magical incantations.

You can enjoy your ride on the Truck by clicking here.

3 Responses to “truck”

  1. 1 theheartbeatsoftly

    Hey, Trane – thanks for the mention above. It’s Sue with whom you had a brief chat at Jared Angel’s writers’ event in Kobe last year! I enjoyed your work and all the work on The World is not Enough.

    • 2 Trane DeVore

      Hi Sue,

      Thanks for visiting! I also enjoyed all the work in The World is not Enough — and I especially enjoyed reading your review of Distant Landscapes. That was a fantastic review! And made me super excited to get a copy of the book (which I haven’t read yet, even though I did supply the cover image). Enjoying your blog as well . . .

      • 3 theheartbeatsoftly

        You provided the cover for Diurnal, which looks fabulous. Jane gave me a copy last week. It’s a beautiful photo (the tree). Marcus Grandon did the cover for Distant Landscapes. Jane is prolific!

        Thanks for the kind words on the review. I worked hard on it. Jane did pass on your comments.

        My blog is fairly prosaic, but I enjoy the pictures. I’ve only picked it up again recently. I realised that when I was more regular with it, it was nice to return after a year or so to touch upon some of the memories. The events were often forgotten if not recorded. I’ll see if I keep it up again.

        That self-matsuri looks insane! In a good way, I think . . .

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