The Chondaras


Matsumoto accordionistus

Is Okinawan pierrot cabaret what you’ve been craving? Then The Chondaras (ざ☆ちょんだらーず) are for you. Consisting of a core group of five members, all of whom appear in clown makeup and costumes that might be categorized as tropical vaudeville, The Chondaras cover everything from mellow Okinawan classics to frenzied originals – including a kind of cinematically crazed pseudo-Black Metal number about a giant red hot chili pepper that’s invading Japan. The Chondaras is fronted by Matsumoto Eijiro (松本 英二), of former Niseuo fame, though as a member of The Chondoras he goes by the alias Matsumoto-chondara (松本ちょんだら〜). Other members include Ryouta-chondara (亮太ちょんだら〜), Kana-chondara (加那ちょんだら〜), Kin-chondara (金ちゃんちょんだら〜), Hayabusa-chondara (隼ちょんだら〜), and Kimi-chondara (きみちょんだら〜). The Chondaras!

flower dance

on the mic




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