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This beautiful print by Stafford Gregoire, an early test pressing, arrived in my mailbox the other day. Everything and the kitchen sink. Advertisements

This fine assembly of local magazines, and the beautifully pink event flyer for The Vagina Monologues, landed in my lap courtesy of the more than extremely kind Victoria Garafola. ART MAG Osaka is a fantastic magazine that features articles about artists and performers in the Osaka area, while Kamihikouki (that’s “Paper Airplane” in English) is […]

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing three very fine musical units perform at Osaka’s Musica Japonica: Matsumoto Eijiro (松本英二郎) on jazz-punk vaudeville toy piano and fog-spewing ghost kettle with resplendent pocket trumpet and toy orchestra; Tayutau (たゆたう), with Igaki Akiko on birdcall violin, turtle orchestra steel drum, and the thrum of […]

My sister recently scanned a treasure trove of old family photos. I’m usually resistant to nostalgia, but these shots from our childhood in rural Petaluma were just too good to pass up. The initial pair of shots obviously date from Halloween past. I love that my sister felt the need to wear a mask as […]

  憂ことを 海月に語る 海鼠哉 — 黒柳 召波   The sea cucumber speaks of its anguish to the jellyfish — Kuroyanagi Shoha     Shoha’s seasonal haiku reminds us that the human heart contains the deep-sea motion of jellyfish in flight.