three at Musica Japonica


P_20161204_192425_vHDR_On.jpgA few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing three very fine musical units perform at Osaka’s Musica Japonica: Matsumoto Eijiro (松本英二郎) on jazz-punk vaudeville toy piano and fog-spewing ghost kettle with resplendent pocket trumpet and toy orchestra; Tayutau (たゆたう), with Igaki Akiko on birdcall violin, turtle orchestra steel drum, and the thrum of cosmic strings, and Nishimoto Hiroko on insect-glance guitar with vocals as quietly delicate as a single air bubble rising up through the ocean water over the course of several decades; and finally, Hitori Tobio (ヒトリトビオ) took the stage with their vintage group sounds in Beatles style with a blender full of ingredients to pour on when desired, including 60s psychedelic jammy sounds, Beach Boy harmonies, and occasional funk bass aesthetics on the down low.P_20161204_201459_vHDR_On.jpgP_20161204_211443_vHDR_On.jpg


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