a fortune in books


P_20161203_123159_vHDR_On.jpg This fine assembly of local magazines, and the beautifully pink event flyer for The Vagina Monologues, landed in my lap courtesy of the more than extremely kind Victoria Garafola. ART MAG Osaka is a fantastic magazine that features articles about artists and performers in the Osaka area, while Kamihikouki (that’s “Paper Airplane” in English) is a wonderful bilingual literary journal. You can tell just by looking at the covers that they’re good.

P_20161203_123642_vHDR_On.jpgHere are four excellent books of poetry from the 2016 crop of Isobar Press publications. Woman in a Blue Robe by Yoko Danno is the only one I’ve had time to read completely yet, but it’s a phenomenal book of poetry. I picked up the other three books after the Isobar reading at the 2016 Japan Writer’s Conference, which was held in Tokushima. Poems from all three books were read during the event and, based on what I heard, it will be impossible to be disappointed when I finally have a chance to crack them open.

P_20161203_123311_vHDR_On.jpgI was lucky enough to spend my Thanksgiving in Osaka this year with Jena Osman and Amze Emmons. At a great little coffee shop in a hundred-year-old building that I like to frequent they surprised me with this paper duet. Jenna’s poetry is always incredible, and The Network is no exception; Amze’s book is a folded print of a mural that he painted at Elixer Café in Philidelphia that can either be read as a pamphlet or unfolded into a poster.

I am fortunate in books.



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