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Throat Records

After years of wanting to visit Throat Records, in Nara, I finally had my chance to drop in. Throat, which is run by Takahisa Gomi, offers a fantastic selection of rock, indie, punk, soul, ska, jazz, alternative, and just about anything else you could want. And if you like, you can even take it for a spin on the store’s turntable before you decide whether or not you really want to take it home.

Gomi-san also plays bass and sings in the group Lostage, alongside his brother Takuto (on guitar) and drummer Tomokazu Iwaki. I had a chance to see Lostage live a few years ago when they were on the bill with The Velvet Teen and The New Trust at Conpass in Osaka. Josh, who plays bass and sings with both The Velvet Teen and The New Trust (and who I used to draw pictures with in art class at high school), told me that I needed to get down to Throat records when I had a chance, because it’s a great shop. And he was totally right.

I ended up picking up a ridiculous amount of records: Thrill Me Up by The Toasters; A Golden Wheel by Predawn; a collection of Bollywood songs called Jubilee Hits 75; Chef’s Special by Kaoru Sudo; One Mississippi by J Church; Close to the Bone by the Tom Tom Club; a repressing of Jazz Tempo, Latin Accents, which features Sonny Simmons and Prince Lasha; Hey Drag City, a compilation featuring Pavement, Gastr Del Sol, Smog, and Red Krayola (among others); and The Beat Generation, a compilation that features J Dilla, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Marley Marl, and Allen Ginsberg. I also picked up three 7 inches, including one from Bakamono, one from Japanese metal band No One Rules, and an EP with songs by Iggy Pop, Fishbone, Dan Reed Network, and Blue Aeroplanes.

And if you’re still not convinced, check out the cute sticker set.

throat stickers


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