rainy season blues


sky creature

It’s the rainy season in Japan – the time for tsuyu (梅雨), or ‘plum rain.’ After having lived in Japan for over eleven years, I’ve finally gotten around to buying a proper pair of boots for the season so that I don’t have to spend day after day walking around in soaked shoes. I had a chance to test the boots out during the season’s first decent rain and after two kilometers of striding I can happily say that the only parts that were in any way damp were my knees.

But after that first rain, which should have been the opening of the seasonal floodgates, nothing but mostly sunny, cool days, with a bit of dramatic cloud cover from time to time. At dinner the other night, everyone was commenting about how the rainy season has been drying up, yet another victim of global climate change. Kyoto’s famous moss gardens have begun to grow brown due to this year’s unseasonal lack of damp. A normal rainy season should bring with it a month or so of solid rains, with maybe a day or two of respite between the downpours. In the eleven years that I’ve lived here I think I’ve experienced a genuine month-long rainy season only once. There’s still time for the rains to come, since the rainy season traditionally lasts until the middle of July, but the current weather forecast shows little chance of rain for at least another four days. I hoping there are proper rains this year: rice needs the rain, and I want to use my boots.



2 Responses to “rainy season blues”

  1. 1 Vicki

    that is a very interesting and beautiful sky.

    • 2 Trane DeVore

      We do get some crazy cloud formations here during the rainy season. I wish there had been more actually rainy season this rainy season, though.

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