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In the last couple of weeks I’ve finished writing a paper (handed in on deadline day), given a talk, and prepped like crazy for the new semester. It’s been just a bit tiring, so at the end of the week I rewarded myself with just a small glass of The Chita. The paper that I […]



Recently the new issue of Representations —  UC Berkeley’s journal of cultural/aesthetic criticism — arrived on the journal rack at the university where I currently teach.  Representations 126 (Special Issue: Financialization and the Culture Industry) is edited by C.D. Blanton, Colleen Lye, and Kent Puckett.  I don’t know C.D. Blanton, but Colleen Lye and Kent […]

The other night I was reading through some old journal entries and came upon this 2003 entry concerning the role of academia in relationship to the development of democratic consciousness.  I’m as committed to this set of statements as I ever was, and am both depressed and concerned over how much more urgent a project […]

After being away for six years, I’ve finally returned to Sonoma County for an extended stay.  A large part of the excitement I had about returning had to do with being able to experience a sense of the physical place again, though an even larger part had to do with the fact that I would […]