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2016 is the Year of the Monkey, plenty of which can be found up in the Minoh mountains, not too far from my apartment. One of the most famous monkey watching spots in the area is Minoh Falls, where the monkeys tend to come out at dusk to pick the mites out of each other’s […]



This year, for the second year in a row, I went to Toyama prefecture with a group of friends to eat kan-buri (寒ブリ), Japanese amberjack, which is at its seasonal peak in winter. We stayed just outside of the town of Himi (氷見), which is famous not only for its large fish market and the […]


A set of shots from a night out with friends at one of my favorite local izakaya, 楽.  楽 (raku) means ‘enjoyment’ in Japanese, and is part of two of my favorite kanji compounds: 音楽 (ongaku) and 楽ちん (rakuchin).  音楽 means ‘music,’ but since it’s made up of the kanji for ‘sound’ and ‘enjoyment’ I […]

Today’s annular solar eclipse reached its peak in Osaka at 7:30 in the morning so I set my alarm for 7:15, crawled out of bed, clutched for a couple of cameras, and stepped outside to see what I could see.  Though it was mostly cloudy yesterday, with a little bit of rain predicted for the […]

A few weeks ago, my walking partner K. and I hiked up to Noah’s Ballast, a field of granite boulders that sits between Goose Pond and Red Point on Swan’s Island.  The interesting thing about this field of granite boulders is that the boulders are made up of a type of granite not found on […]

Distance traveled: 671 miles (1,080 kilometers) Route: From Bradford, north on Highway 219, then east on Interstate 86 until Binghamton, then switch to I-88 and transfer to 90, eastbound, at Schenectady.    Over on Interstate 90 until it crosses I-495, then north on I-495 until I-95, then north on I-95 until Portland, Maine. At Portland, take […]

Distance traveled: 700 miles (1,126 kilometers) Route: I-44 from Rolla to St. Louis, then I-70 to Columbus and north on I-71 to 271 until the turnoff for Highway 303 toward Peninsula. Except for a brief, and partly unintentional, stop in St. Louis to take a look at the St. Louis Arch in the morning light, […]