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 This cute little Dream TOMICA rolling Cup Noodle arrived unannounced in my mailbox yesterday. I wonder if these ancient Cup Noodle dinosaurs ended up providing the petroleum that powers this thing? Advertisements

Have I ever mentioned my undying love for Peko-chan (ペコちゃん), the mascot of Japan’s ubiquitous Fujiya confectionery shops? It’s true.  It’s all true. And oh-my-god I just discovered the Hello Kitty 40th anniversary tie-in with Peko-chan:  “sweet! and cute!”

The 2014 Nipponbashi Street Festival (日本橋ストリートフェスタ) will be held in Osaka on March 21st.  I went to the 2013 Street Festival and had a blast, even though I did end up missing the parade itself (which is the main event) and instead spent my time on the backstreets taking portraits.  Most of the more elaborate […]

pure poetry


Sometimes the hats in Japan read like they’ve been written by the Flarf manifesto* itself.  I imagine a strange factory in which Flarfists engage in needlepoint fistfights as they stitch together hats that float through crowds like boats carrying a cargo of secret, conceptual language. UNNAMED BRAVE MAN NOBLE SPIRIT BOAST IT STAYS HERE Or […]

Osaka’s Project Obachaaan strikes again.

I had no intention of uploading this shot of the very cute Team Moto-Liberty Honda Motocompo, until I was pointed in the direction of a very fine Madness advertisement for the Honda City, which also includes a cameo by the Motocompo.  The Motocompo is basically a transformer bike, a motorcycle that folds up like a […]

I must be back in Japan since the cherry blossoms are out and I’m holding a copy of  Ultraman, the 45th Collection (ウルトラマン the 45th コレクシュン) — a mook produced to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Ultraman series, which first appeared in 1966.  As the fan house at the top of the page clearly illustrates, Ultraman […]