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I’m currently in the middle of Typhoon Noru, which has been steadily dropping large amounts of rain over Osaka all day long. It’s a slow-moving typhoon, one that a friend of mine described as “drunken,” so despite the downpour there aren’t any heavy winds to rattle the windows. In fact, in addition to producing some […]

pure poetry


Sometimes the hats in Japan read like they’ve been written by the Flarf manifesto* itself.  I imagine a strange factory in which Flarfists engage in needlepoint fistfights as they stitch together hats that float through crowds like boats carrying a cargo of secret, conceptual language. UNNAMED BRAVE MAN NOBLE SPIRIT BOAST IT STAYS HERE Or […]

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to live on Swan’s Island for six months while working on my writing.  During that time I met a tremendous amount of wonderful people, including several artists and writers.  Gary Rainford lives on the island full time and — when he’s not cooking up lobster to […]

seven renshi


The other week I had the pleasure of meeting several poets in Kyoto for a shinnenkai party at which, in addition to plenty of eating and drinking, we wrote seven collaborative renshi (連詩) poems and a host of haiku (俳句) as well.  There are several ways to write renshi, which are often referred to as […]

Not only do I love this kitsune mask that was given to me for Christmas, but I’ve also recently been interviewed by the fabulous folks at Petals and Bones (who are kind enough to refer to me as “a literary virtuoso and photographic heart throb”).  They also claim that I have “an almost conjoined, marsupial-like […]

2011 is the Year of the Rabbit and I ushered in the New Year by watching Kohaku Uta Gassen (紅白歌合戦) down at the Hartland with a few friends, downing quite a bit of champagne and gold-flecked nihonshu at midnight, and then belting out a very raspy karaoke rendition of “I Am the Walrus” before heading […]

The other day I received the news that David Bromige — mentor, friend, and comrade in poetic wit — passed away peacefully at his home in Sebastopol.  I met David while I was a student at Sonoma State University and we became fast friends.  Initially I was introduced to him and his work via my […]