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My hiatus from posting seems to have ended up lasting quite a bit longer than just a couple of months. In my time off I haven’t finished any of the major projects that I’d planned to, though all three are closer to completion than before. If I haven’t finished any of my projects, than what […]



I’ll be on hiatus from blog updates for several months while I work on finishing up a few major projects.  In the meantime, please enjoy the smiling face of this happy, blue Oni. I will be updating my Flickr posts on a regular basis.

Distance traveled: 671 miles (1,080 kilometers) Route: From Bradford, north on Highway 219, then east on Interstate 86 until Binghamton, then switch to I-88 and transfer to 90, eastbound, at Schenectady.    Over on Interstate 90 until it crosses I-495, then north on I-495 until I-95, then north on I-95 until Portland, Maine. At Portland, take […]

It should come as no surprise to anyone who has been following the war in Afghanistan that’s being led by the United States, but the WikiLeaks release of 91,000 classified military documents related to the war has confirmed what should already be public knowledge — there has been a vastly higher number of civilian casualties […]