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Tokyo may have failed in its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but at least it has an 18-meter Gundam statue to show for it.  According to the Japan Times, the “35-ton fiberglass and steel monolith is the centerpiece of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project intended to raise environmental awareness.”  While there are certainly […]

If this were a film, I would call it Lost Tokyo, or maybe Hidden Bounty of Lost Tokyo. Or maybe Lost Bounty of Hidden Tokyo. But whatever I might call it, there’s no doubt that that’s Jorge up above, standing next to the original Ultraman, who’s currently schilling for pachinko parlors because he lost his […]

On the 31st of December the entire Crew of Eight — Tessa, Leon, Mart, Jorge, Courtney, Nancy, Dennis and myself — found ourselves in an enormous crowd, in an enormous line, at Senso-ji, Tokyo’s most famous temple. We were there for hatsumode, or the year’s first visit to a temple or a shrine, and so were at […]

At Tsukiji


This winter vacation, six friends of mine (six!) came out for a visit — first to Tokyo, and then down to the Kansai area, where I live. Since jet lag is a wonderful thing and WILL get you out of bed so delightfully early in the morning, my friends and I decided that a 5 […]

1. Orange tofu. 2. Paul is on the subway on the way to the Tokyo opening of Cars. At the Tokyo opening we saw hundreds of kids running around wearing paper car-character hats on their heads, out of their minds with excitement. Later in the day Paul gave an interview at the Apple store in […]

tokyo float


Paul and I stayed at the Tokyu Excel Shibuya, 24th floor, with an unparalleled view of the city. Spending so much time so high above the streets of Tokyo made me start to feel quiet and abstracted, the same feeling that I get when I’m standing in front of a Gursky print. The somatic experience […]

pixar in tokyo


30 June, 2006 My friend Paul Topolos, an artist who formerly worked for Lucas Film, but who now paints backgrounds for Pixar, recently got flown out to Tokyo to attend the gala opening of the Pixar: 20 Years of Animation exhibit, which is currently showing at the Mori Museum. He kindly invited me to tag […]