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Since I’d only been to Kasuga-jinja during winter, I hadn’t realized what a beautiful spot it was for blossom viewing. Unfortunately I only arrived to take pictures toward the end of the blossom-viewing season, and though there were still quite a few blossoms on the trees, the ground was already thick in a cloud-blanket of […]

achi shrine


The breakfast at Ryokan Yoshii was just as magnificent as the dinner the night before had been, and it took Lea and I over an hour to get through what was put in front of us, which included an incredible tray of nori that was flavored with incense. The incense was still burning when we […]

An orange torii entrance leads to the Gojo-jinja shrine complex, which as far as I can tell is primarily devoted to Inari, the Shinto god/goddess, of rice. This shrine complex is incredibly beautiful, a series of small shrines that play out their surprises in a microcosmic adventure of discovery. An Inari-related kitsune (fox) figure at […]

nara, redux!


On Tuesday the 15th, J. and I took off for Nara to see the Shoso-in treasures, which are only shown twice a year at the Nara National Museum. Unfortunately for us, the last day of the show was on the 14th, so instead of seeing the Shoso-in treasures, we decided to walk around Kofukuji, and […]