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After visiting the Daibutsu, we walked slowly back through Kamakura in the night, heading for the train station. Kamakura is (rightly) famous as a tourist town and so it’s lined with souvenir shops, craft stores, galleries, and restaurants and markets that sell local specialties. The Souvenirs of Japan store pictured above is located almost at […]

The most famous site in Kamakura is the Daibutsu. Cast in 1252, the 11 meter high bronze statue now sits outside because the temple that it was housed in was washed away by a tsunami. Possibly modeled after Nara’s Daibutsu figure, the Kamakura Daibutsu is somehow more approachable and less cosmic. Perhaps it’s the smile […]

The Zen temples of Kamakura had seemed surprisingly uncrowded to us, so we were hopeful about the rest of our tour of Kamakura. Our plan was to visit Hachiman-gu first, and then walk over to see the Daibutsu before sunset. It was when we noticed that all side entrances to Hachiman-gu were closed off and […]

Kencho-ji is ranked as the foremost of Kamakura’s five “great” Zen temples, and is apparently the oldest Zen training monastery in Japan, having been founded in 1253 (Eyewitness Travel Guides). The entrance gate is especially impressive, and the pathway to the gate is lined with cherry trees. Visitors come to say their prayers for the […]

Since everything closes for the New Year holiday in Japan, we (the Crew) decided to head out to Kamakura on New Year’s Day. In addition to having been Japan’s capital from 1185 until 1333 (the Kamakura Shogunate), Kamakura is home to several of Japan’s most beautiful and important Zen temples, several Shinto shrines (including Hachiman-gu), […]