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Here are a few shots from a series I of portraits I took in Kyoto of Marié Abe, a stunningly talented accordionist and composer who is based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  These shots were originally intended for use in the 2009 edition of the Bay Area Accordion Babes pin-up calendar (with CD!), but […]

Midori Hirano is a piano player and composer who creates an assemblage of dreamy, beautiful, lush and layered sound using a combination of keyboards, computer manipulation, and live instrumentation. The first time I saw Midori play was with RF at Urban Guild in Kyoto. Since that show was so good, I was really looking forward […]

A few weeks ago I got a call from my friend Marié of Four Flea Circus fame. Marié is living in Japan for the year while she does research for her dissertation (which involves Ryukyu Islands music and chindon) and she called me up from Osaka, where she’d been staying for a couple of days. […]

garage chanson


15 July, 2005 After having dinner at a really good Thai restaurant in the Dojima area of Umeda, Anne McKnight and I walked over to Rain Dogs to see Garage Chanson (ガラージシャンソン), a kind of Gothic chanson and comedy act. Here’s Anne’s email description of the duo: The goth accordion people promise to “rid the […]