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These shots were taken on the way back from a night walk up to Minoh Falls.  Somehow these shots all remind me of the kinds of dreams that I sometimes have after I’ve eaten a few too many slices of pizza or downed just a little bit too much nihonshu.  All shots taken using a […]

These steel-structure animals, painted white, are meant as advertisements for the Ueno Zoo, but for some reason they just seem to demand an apostrophe or two. I’ll start with the elephant: O, elephant! I had a case of the monkeys once too. I recommend that you blast the Nile River out of your nose and […]

kaiyukan, redux


Since I’ve already written about the Kaiyukan, I suppose this entry is primarily an excuse to post some more pictures of jellyfish and penguins. In any case, on December 18th — Hsuan’s last day in Osaka before heading off to Nara for research — Hsuan, J., and I went to the Osaka Aquarium, or Kaiyukan, […]



On August 2, Aya-san and I went to Osaka’s Kaiyukan (海遊館), one of the premier aquariums in the world. So premier that it actually has an enormous central tank that holds a genuine whale shark (of course, there’s an aquarium in Okinawa with TWO whale sharks). The layout of the Kaiyukan is really interesting. The […]