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Way back in the year 2000 — just after eating 237 boxes of Weetabix to help scrub my interior of the last grim remnants of Y2K hysteria — I took a trip up to Portland, Oregon, and visited the 24 Hour Church of Elvis, founded by artist Stephanie Pierce.  The shots you see here were […]

(Laurel Roth and friends at the Frey Norris Gallery in San Francisco.) I’m infinitely delighted to have had a chance to interview sculptor and assemblage artist Laurel Roth in anticipation of her first solo show in Japan, entitled “Supernatural,” which opens on July 12th at the Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo. Trane: Could you tell […]

I ran into this amazing film about the 1975 San Francisco Artists’ Soapbox Derby on Boing Boing and I think it’s an incredible document about the potential transformation of public space that’s allowed when art becomes a communal undertaking and the axis of aesthetic attention is moved outside of the confining walls of the museum.  […]