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typhoon melor


Typhoon Melor blew through Japan last night, killing three people and injuring 64.  A few typhoons a year usually make their way to Japan, but for some reason the main force of the typhoons almost always seems to bypass the Osaka area where I live.  My very first experience with a typhoon warning came on […]

Typhoon return


With completely impeccable timing I managed to fly into Narita after a month-long sojourn back in the States just in time to meet up with a largish typhoon that was sweeping the area. The typhoon hadn’t hit ground when the plane landed, so there were no issues there, but I still had to get from […]

On February 14, I took the Shinkansen up to Tokyo, though this wasn’t actually the train that I rode on. I took the Nozomi line, which is a far more streamlined and space-age affair. In fact, the lead car of the Nozomi looks precisely like a dachshund wearing a Stormtrooper helmet.