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While J. was away in Taiwan, I went to see Múm play at Club Quattro. Múm (pronounced “MooM”) is an(other) Icelandic band that creates ethereal soundscapes that are a blend of acoustic instrumentation, electronic sound production, and crystalline vocal harmonics. From the FatCat records website: Since former member Gyda Valtysdóttir left the band in September […]

shonen knife!


9 July, 2005 Naoko Yamano, the guitarist for Shonen Knife, is an Osaka native, and Atsuko Yamano, the bassist, is from Nara, right around the corner. I’m not sure exactly how it works, but apparently there’s some numerology involving the Japanese pronunciation of the word “knife” (that would be “naifu”) so every year around the […]