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Today it’s Christmas in Osaka and, appropriately enough, this afternoon we had the first flurries of snow of the winter season.  Not really enough to stick, but it’s still nice to go stand outside while the soft, white flakes slowly navigate their way to the ground. Since it’s the Christmas season I’ve been teaching Dickens’s […]

Múm’s video for Rhubarbidoo (off Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy, their latest album) is one of the most re-enchanting videos that I’ve seen for a long time.  If, as Max Weber has argued, Enlightenment rationalization, especially as it manifests itself in the bureaucratized capitalism of Western society, results in a disenchanted world where we […]

Tokyo may have failed in its bid to host the 2016 Olympic Games, but at least it has an 18-meter Gundam statue to show for it.  According to the Japan Times, the “35-ton fiberglass and steel monolith is the centerpiece of the Green Tokyo Gundam Project intended to raise environmental awareness.”  While there are certainly […]

In the last part of April, I went to the Osaka National Museum of Art with my friends Ida-san and Vava-san to see the Sigmar Polke exhibit, which was really great. The pieces on display were from Polke’s own collection and personally chosen by him as representative of his life and work, which is a […]