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Walking home with colleagues after dinner the other night, we passed this cute sign advertising some porcine parking, and I was reminded once again of how fantastic Japanese is for the making of inventive puns. “Boo boo” (ブーブー) is, of course, what pigs say in Japanese and, as my colleagues informed me, it’s also the […]

On the last day of The Bay Crew’s stay in Kansai, we headed out to Nara to see the Daibutsu at Todaiji. In fact, I think it’s the third time that I’ve been out to see Nara’s Daibutsu, and the Daibutsu and I are becoming old friends. The deer and I are becoming old friends […]

nara, redux!


On Tuesday the 15th, J. and I took off for Nara to see the Shoso-in treasures, which are only shown twice a year at the Nara National Museum. Unfortunately for us, the last day of the show was on the 14th, so instead of seeing the Shoso-in treasures, we decided to walk around Kofukuji, and […]

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My trip to Nara with J. seems like the perfect excuse to finally finish my long overdue narration of Melissa and Marie’s visit to Osaka on the weekend of May 28, 29. On the 29th of May, the three of us took the train to Nara, stopping off at the Senrichuo shopping complex just long […]

28 April, 2005Nara: Professor Gerry Yokoto takes me to Nara to see an exhibit of ancient Japanese art/artifacts at the Nara National Museum. The exhibit, called “The Dawning Age,” has just returned from Germany and is an extremely comprehensive exhibit of Jomon, Yayoi, Kofun, and Nara Period objects. The Jomon period is especially interesting because […]