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Photo information, by order of appearance, including camera, lens, and film type: 1) Voigtlander Bessa-T, 50mm Nokton, Fuji Reala 100. 2) Voigtlander Bessa R2A, 35mm Ultron, Kodak Gold 100. 3) Fujifilm FinePix F601 Zoom. 4) Fujifilm FinePix Z1. 5) Voigtlander Bessa-T, 50mm Nokton, uncertain film. Advertisements

November 23rd was the last day of the 2009 Kobe Biennale, which I went to visit last week.  The Biennale is held at the waterfront site of Meriken Park, under the shadow of Kobe’s famous Port Tower and right next to the Maritime Museum.  Because Kobe is historically a port city, the organizers of the […]

Some of the nicest packaging I’ve come across lately has to be from the set of Yamanaka Ishikawaya green tea sweets that came with my grocery delivery a few weeks ago.  The company not only has a mascot that is the cutest thing since sliced milk, but they also offer a fantastic variety of brilliantly […]

The second issue of carnet de route, an incredible magazine of poetry, graphic design, and photography, has just been released and features about 40 photographs taken by yours truly. carnet de route, which is published in France and contains work in both French and English, is edited by Molly Lou Freeman. Jean-Hugues Bancaud is responsible […]

A few weeks back I was walking past a stationary store in Umeda that had a display of several interesting paintings by young artists. I ended up buying two of them, and when the show ended the artists — Ida Masashi (井田 将史) and Vava Mayumi (馬場 万有味) — came down to the store to […]