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your name


It might seem a bit facetious to link Your Name (君の名は), the Japanese animated sensation of 2016, with the trauma and mourning of a documentary like Trace of Breath. Your Name, which I’m going to refer to as Kimi no Na wa from this point on (because it simply feels more natural) is a kind […]

trace of breath


Komori Haruka’s documentary, Trace of Breath (息の跡) tells the story of Sato Teiichi, a survivor of the 2011 tsunami who has returned to the city of Rikuzentakata to reestablish the seed shop that he used to run there. In addition to selling seeds, however, Sato-san has also written an account of his experience of the […]

This animated map showing all 2,053 of the nuclear detonations that occurred during the 20th century, recently featured on Boing Boing, is a stark reminder of the political insanity at the core of the nuclear arms race.  Because most of these detonations were secret, or at least kept out of sight, it’s startling to realize […]

garrett scott


I found out yesterday that my friend, filmmaker Garrett Scott, died suddenly in California on March 2nd. Garrett’s documentary about American soldiers stationed in Fallujah, Operation: Dreamland, had been nominated for an Independent Spirit award and he was in California to attend the awards ceremony. Garrett was one of the warmest, closest, most comradely people […]