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Not too long ago, Mikami Kan (三上 寛) – a folk/blues legend in Japan – came to Osaka to play at Imagination Pika Space as part of the Night of 1,000 Eyes series, curated by the serious and mysterious DJ Mike 1,000 Eyes. I’d seen Mikami Kan play once before in Kyoto in tandem with […]

After spending a few days in Tokyo I came home to spend New Year’s Eve in Osaka. Ikko and I first went down to the local noodle shop for some soba, which is traditionally eaten in Japan on New Year’s Eve. Then we cruised on down to the Hartland for a kind of countdown party […]

pinky & killers


After spending an hour or so in a megane-ya picking out new eyeglass frames, Richard, Michelle, and I walked over to the Hartland for some fish and chips and a few pints. Since it was a Sunday night it was a bit slow, so Shinji-san (the owner) disappeared upstairs and came down with a huge […]