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The music of Tayutau (たゆたう) is pure enchantment — lilting vocal harmonies, the most delicate of found sounds, the crystalline music of the spheres, the heartbreaking ululations of vocal duets that are absolutely familiar and alien at the same time.  It’s the sound that a coral reef might sing at night, or the song that […]

I went to see several NISEUO concerts before I left Japan.  Not only are the members of NISEUO some of the first people I became friends with who were involved with the Osaka underground music scene, but their shows are always incredible events, a quick drop into a densely offbeat avant-punk jazz surreality.  The latest […]

In most of the classical psychoanalytical models of consciousness, dreams — whether functioning as wish fulfillment or as the working out of childhood trauma that is lodged deep within the unconscious mind — are riddles that, if properly deciphered, can reveal information about the structure of our psyches that has been so well hidden that […]

Harry Partch’s instruments are amazing, and now you too can play them. This must be one of the most satisfying implementations of Macromedia Flash that has ever been conceived.

I’ve written about Niseuo here and here, so I don’t want to go repeating myself. I’ll simply keep it short and mention, again, that Niseuo — which means “False Fish” in Japanese — is one of the greatest, maddest, most massively surreal free jazz ensembles on the planet. And punked out too, in the sense that […]

After dropping J. off to Taiwan, I took the train down to The Bridge, a musicians’ collective in the Shinsekai area of Osaka, in order to see Niseuo. This second visit to The Bridge has only cemented my conviction that this is a rare and special performance space. I can’t think of too many places […]