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(Shots taken at the Osaka Castle plum garden, the Expo 70 Memorial Park plum garden, and a couple of prime plum spots near my house.) Advertisements

There’s nothing quite so terrible as coming back home after a month-long trip only to find that one of your favorite trees of all time has been totally eradicated for no seemingly good reason at all.  This particular camellia tree (椿 — tsubaki in Japanese) was one of several planted along the sidewalks that border […]

Since I’d only been to Kasuga-jinja during winter, I hadn’t realized what a beautiful spot it was for blossom viewing. Unfortunately I only arrived to take pictures toward the end of the blossom-viewing season, and though there were still quite a few blossoms on the trees, the ground was already thick in a cloud-blanket of […]

Here’s a small gallery of photos taken of one of the trees that blossoms in the graveyard near my house.