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Hatsumode — the year’s first visit to a shrine or temple —  is generally celebrated in Japan between January 1st and January 3rd and typically involves making your wishes for the new year known to the kami (the shrine gods); buying new omamori (good luck charms) and burning your old ones since they’re full of […]

Fushimi Inari Taisha (伏見稲荷大社), often called Fushimi Inari Jinja, is the headquarters for foxes and gods.  Fushimi Inari is the head shrine of Inari, the Japanese god of rice, and the footpaths that lead up into the hills behind the main shrine buildings are positively covered with persimmon-orange torii gates and the stone figures of […]

25 July, 2006 As I wrote last year: Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s three largest festivals and over a million people attend the closing day celebrations, which are accompanied by a display of thousands of fireworks that continues for several hours into the night. This matsuri is a two day event, centered at Tenmangu […]