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Several years ago now, I was interviewed by Dani Burlison for the fantastic, but short lived, Petals and Bones zine/website. Since this interview is no longer available on line, I’ve decided to post it again, here. I’m fairly certain that the self-portrait above was the author image affixed to the original interview. Sadly, the words […]

About a year ago the excellent Petals and Bones zine/website asked me to do an interview with them.  When they changed servers the interview disappeared for awhile, but now it’s back up and you can check it out right here.  Originally, it featured the image above — a self portrait taken in the bathroom mirror […]

In 2011 I was lucky enough to be able to live on Swan’s Island for six months while working on my writing.  During that time I met a tremendous amount of wonderful people, including several artists and writers.  Gary Rainford lives on the island full time and — when he’s not cooking up lobster to […]

When you get off of the ferry that takes you from Bass Harbor to Swan’s Island one of the first things you’ll notice are signs in the road pointing the direction to Iver’s Studio, a beautiful wood-shingled studio tucked up in the pines and moss and built by Iver himself.  Iver Lofving is an artist […]

Andy Diaz Hope’s work has taken the form of large-sized portraits of hungover friends constructed out of thousands of gelatine capsules; glittering chandeliers made up of medical supplies and Swarovski crystal; enormous mythologically-styled Jacquard tapestries that feature images of Skylab, the tree of life, and Kurt Friedrich Gödel; and cabinets and mirrored geometric shapes that […]

Not only do I love this kitsune mask that was given to me for Christmas, but I’ve also recently been interviewed by the fabulous folks at Petals and Bones (who are kind enough to refer to me as “a literary virtuoso and photographic heart throb”).  They also claim that I have “an almost conjoined, marsupial-like […]

Recently I had a chance to interview my neighbor, Damien Molony, who is currently making the final preparations for an upcoming exhibition of his works.  The exhibition, which will be held at the CASO gallery from January 12th until January 17th, will feature a series of paintings that Damien, who is based in Canberra, Australia, […]