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Approximately 467 million eons after the Hipstamatic trend peaked and then was buried deep under the ground to be forgotten forever, like those E.T. video games for the Atari 2600 that were buried by the millions in an Alamogordo landfill, I have suddenly gone all Hipstamatic.  I’ve been waiting forever for Apple to fit a […]

It’s been a daunting and disorienting four days in Osaka.  On Friday the 11th, Japan experienced the largest earthquake it has ever seen (magnitude 9.0), followed by a tsunami that was 10 meters high when it hit the city of Sendai, devastating large areas of the city around the coast and airport, as well as […]



Toward the end of July and the beginning of August, swarms of swallows began to appear every evening above the small pond that’s located in the middle of the suburban neighborhood where I live in the north part of Osaka.  I think the pond is intended to function primarily as a form of flood control, […]

There is something distasteful about the very bustle of the streets, something that is abhorrent to human nature itself.  Hundreds of thousands of people of all classes and ranks of society jostle past one another; are they not all human beings with the same characteristics and potentialities, equally interested in the pursuit of happiness? . […]

A few leftover photographs from around my neighborhood, taken during cherry blossom season.  All shots were taken using a Holga loaded with Fujifilm Neopan 400PN.

Japanese manhole covers are surprisingly beautiful affairs; each city has its own unique design that reflects the city’s defining characteristics, and many of them are even painted in order to add to the general effect.  The manhole cover at the top of this post is from Takaoka and features the city’s famous coastal view of […]

the mask


The swine flu has finally managed to make its way to Japan, which was just about inevitable despite the high level of precaution taken by the Japanese health ministry, and ground zero is the Kansai area — especially the cities of Kobe, and Toyonaka-shi in Osaka, which is where I live.  It’s suspected that the […]