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My friend Marié clued me in to this incredible “modern jazz opera” version of the famous legend of Momotaro, who was born from a giant peach and went on to conquer demons.  The video is vertiginously entertaining and the combination of modern jazz, Japanese sprechgesang, mythological imagery, and comedic stagecraft work together surprisingly well. The […]

steve at henry


One last gasp before I start posting about my trip back to the States. Toward the end of last semester, I went with Robert and Futoshi to see Steve Muller, a colleague at Handai, play at Bar Henry, a venerable jazz bar in Kobe. Kobe, of course, is known for its jazz bars and has […]

I’ve written about Niseuo here and here, so I don’t want to go repeating myself. I’ll simply keep it short and mention, again, that Niseuo — which means “False Fish” in Japanese — is one of the greatest, maddest, most massively surreal free jazz ensembles on the planet. And punked out too, in the sense that […]

25 July, 2006 As I wrote last year: Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s three largest festivals and over a million people attend the closing day celebrations, which are accompanied by a display of thousands of fireworks that continues for several hours into the night. This matsuri is a two day event, centered at Tenmangu […]

After dropping J. off to Taiwan, I took the train down to The Bridge, a musicians’ collective in the Shinsekai area of Osaka, in order to see Niseuo. This second visit to The Bridge has only cemented my conviction that this is a rare and special performance space. I can’t think of too many places […]

the devore four


My dad’s very old friend, fellow Kansas City avant-jazz musician Noah Young (formerly Richard Youngstein), has sent me several late-60s articles from the Kansas City Star and the St. Louis Dispatch regarding my dad’s career as a jazz musician in the Kansas City area. These are real rarities and I thought I would reproduce the […]