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On Saturday I went to Kobe to see my friend Ida Masashi (井田 将史) who was participating in volume 12 of the Hinatamizu Ambience (ひなたみずアンビエンス) series of collaborative performances at space eauuu (スペース・オー), a fantastic art and music space.  This particular collaboration involved a series of performances of electro-acoustic ambient music accompanied by the gradual […]

The 2011 Kobe Biennale runs through November 23rd, so now seems as good a time as any to drop a post about the 2009 Kobe Biennale, which I attended with my friend Ikko.  I love the Biennale (I also attended the 2007 model), which is full of playful and intelligent artwork, beautiful and interesting displays […]



There seems to be an abundance of life-sized recreations of giant robots popping up all over Japan at the moment, a trend that I fully support.  The latest of these is an 18-meter tall recreation of Testujin 28-go (鉄人28号) —  known as Gigantor in English — that was constructed as part of an effort to […]

November 23rd was the last day of the 2009 Kobe Biennale, which I went to visit last week.  The Biennale is held at the waterfront site of Meriken Park, under the shadow of Kobe’s famous Port Tower and right next to the Maritime Museum.  Because Kobe is historically a port city, the organizers of the […]

the mask


The swine flu has finally managed to make its way to Japan, which was just about inevitable despite the high level of precaution taken by the Japanese health ministry, and ground zero is the Kansai area — especially the cities of Kobe, and Toyonaka-shi in Osaka, which is where I live.  It’s suspected that the […]

steve at henry


One last gasp before I start posting about my trip back to the States. Toward the end of last semester, I went with Robert and Futoshi to see Steve Muller, a colleague at Handai, play at Bar Henry, a venerable jazz bar in Kobe. Kobe, of course, is known for its jazz bars and has […]

kobe luminarie


On the 10th of December, Richard, Michelle, J., and I went to Kobe to see the Kobe Luminarie. And on the 17th of December, Hsuan, J., and I did it again. The Luminarie is an annual memorial to the 6,000 people who died in the Great Hanshin earthquake of 1995, as well as a symbol […]