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At night the danjiri are decked out in lanterns to sail slowly through the city streets.  The pulling crews, done with their daytime racing around, slow their pace to a walking march and young children are recruited to help pull the danjiri.  The musicians as well are replaced by a younger crew who are just […]

Kyoto: Templing


After our stay in Tokyo, the Crew and I took the shinkansen down to Kyoto where we stayed for a couple of days. If you’re in Kyoto for two days, and it’s the new year holiday, the thing to do is certainly to go templing. After arriving in Kyoto, checking into the hotel room, and […]

I promise it’s my last Japanese summer post. And then it’s on to the American summer posts. Or perhaps I’ll even engage in the dreaded “double posting” where the past and the present are ping-ponged in a frustrating and completely unintelligible fashion. In any case, my former colleague Tim Gould came to stay with me […]

25 July, 2006 As I wrote last year: Tenjin Matsuri is one of Japan’s three largest festivals and over a million people attend the closing day celebrations, which are accompanied by a display of thousands of fireworks that continues for several hours into the night. This matsuri is a two day event, centered at Tenmangu […]

Although Jess and I were tired, we couldn’t leave Koya-san without visiting the vast cemetery area of Okunoin, a graveyard of some 200,000 tombs that line the path that extends from Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum. It’s almost impossible to convey the sense of scale of the Okunoin cemetery. It’s about a twenty-minute walk from the entrance […]

The Garan area is the central temple complex of Koya-san, and is home to the Kondo, the hall where Kukai gave his sermons. The Kondo was originally built in 819, though it’s been repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt since then. The Garan area is also the site of the Konpon Daito, a lacquered persimmon-colored pagoda that […]

kyoto lanterns


Lea’s last night in Japan turned out to be really special — actually, one of the most special nights that I’ve had myself since I’ve been here. After walking through the Gion district in the dusk, the alleys turning hues of blue while red lanterns began to light up in front of storefronts, we walked […]